Discover the world of teas from Ceylon to Kenyan, Assam, Darjeeling, Vietnam, Chinese & more with a panel of facilitators accumulating over 150 years of experience when Australian Teamasters & The Ceylon Tea Academy team up for this inaugural event . Understand how tea is grown, manufactured & traded with site visits to a Tea Plantation, Factory & the worlds largest Tea Auction. Held in Sri Lanka which also happens to be the home of Ceylon Tea & one of the worlds best holiday destinations.


Get to know the history of tea, it’s discovery in China and how it spread across the globe. Know the plant and know some of the main health benefits of tea. Also get to know the different growing nations and types of tea produced.

Tasting & Grading

This module is 100% practical with hands on training on how to brew, grade & taste tea. It will train participants to identify difference in appearance & taste of tea from different parts of the world. It will also train them to identify good teas against poor tea & faulty manufacture.


This module takes you on a visit to a tea plantation to understand how tea is planted and grown. It also covers nutritional requirements of a plant & disease and how to overcome some of the challenges a plant faces. It also covers how elevation, soil & climatic conditions effect the appearance & taste of tea.


This module takes you to a tea factory to understand the art & science of Orthodox Leafy tea manufacture, explaining in detail the function of each machine and how they contribute to the making of a perfect tea.


This module is based totally on site visits to find out how over a million samples are distributed weekly and tea is traded in Sri Lanka. You will see how produce from across the Island is sold at the world’s largest tea auction that operates on the word of a gentleman.

Herbs & Flavour

Be introduced to the colourful world of herbs & flavour with a blending session where each participant creates his own signature blends. Taste dozens of herbs alongside many flavours & test your blending skills.

Specialty Teas

Get to know the different grades of specialty & hand handmade teas from across the globe and learn to pick the unique taste profiles of these delicate teas that fetch premium prices.

Food Safety

Get to know the history behind food safety and its importance for the wellbeing of humans & nature. Understand the threats posed by improper food safety standards and how certification such as GHP, GMP, HACCP, ISO, FSSC, Organic, Fairtrade, ETP, Rainforest addresses these issues and improves our wellbeing.

Tea and Food Pairing

Get to know which teas pair best with different food. Learn how to pick the correct tea that will go best with the meal served. The ideal combination will see the meal & beverage complement each other.